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Investment in the location Magstadt

Now you can print without any effect on the clima!

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Hummel innovation

Welcome to our website!

We are an internationally represented company of the print industry since more than 50 years. With 200 employees we have continuously advanced and expanded our business areas over the years.

Maybe you didn't know our company yet... but certainly you had one of our products in your hand. Our printing products accompany people traveling, allow the tracking of packages and registered mails, provide informations about products and prices and sometimes they just look good.


- whether you are flying with Lufthansa, Air France or Emirates - the boarding pass comes from us

 - if you receive a package from DPD or a notification card from GLS - we print the logistic documents and ensure by the barcode that your package arrives without doubt at its destination

 - whether you print your bank account statement from the self-service machine or receive it by mail - Hummel provides the appropriate forms

 - whether you check the size of a garment at H&M - the label comes from us

 - If you participate at the Annual General Meeting of the DAX-30 companies - your vote will be counted on a voting pad produced in Magstadt


All these aspects of daily life are covered by our products - and many more. On these pages you will find more information about our company, our products and services and how you can reach us best.

We look forward to hearing from you!